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The Diversity Office's primary responsibilities are in the areas of providing workforce analysis; developing and implementing recommendations for policy and      program review; initiating, developing and implementing public awareness programs for fostering diversity in state government and the communities.


Mission Statement
To provide high quality, customer-focused governmental services and business solutions to government and citizens.


Department Vision
To provide state departments and agencies and community leaders with insight, direction and guidance and, as appropriate, support services that will increase the effectiveness of governmental services to customers and enhance government's  productivity and service delivery.


Strategic Planning Goals

  • Implement initiatives that provide government solutions to longstanding barriers that impact the effectiveness of government.
  • Maintain an infrastructure that supports enterprise solutions, facilitates interoperability and connectivity, achieves consistently high service level and supports research and development efforts.
  • Establish a Diversity management and coordination structure to achieve an approach to managing diversity within state government.
  • Enhance our customer-driven culture to ensure that state agency and community needs are well defined and consistently met.
  • Effectively manage state data and ensure that it is used in decision-making.
  • Establish a mechanism to share and or purchase components, practices or processes with other government entities.
  • In an effort to create a diversified workforce, attract, retain, reward and retrain high performing professionals, who are committed to diversity as a fundamental principle of public service management.

Human Resources Outreach and Diversity (HROD) is strategically focused on the Diversity objectives. 

What does HROD do

  • Workforce Planning 
  • Diversify State Government's Workforce 
  • Policy & Program Review to Insure a Fair and Equitable Workplace
  • Direct a Public Awareness Program to Educate the Workforce on the Benefits of Diversity Management for Reasons of Business Necessity. 

The mission of the Rhode Island Diversity Initiative is to strengthen the state's ability to have high quality, customer-focused governmental services and business solutions to government and citizens.


Rhode Island State Government is an Equal Opportunity & Diversity Employer


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